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Auto Jobbs – ECU Remapping Herne Bay

Unlock your vehicle’s potential with a remap from Auto Jobbs

Are you looking to remap your ECU to either increase your BHP or increase fuel efficiency?

Auto Jobbs is situated between Herne Bay and Canterbury and has a proven track record for achieving optimum performance from their remapping services.

Typically, (depending on driving style) you can expect a 10-20% MPG saving on an ECO remap. Usually, a 20-40% increase in torque can be achieved from a performance remap.

Auto Jobbs has over 20 years of combined experience in reading/writing ECU remaps.

If you would like us to unlock your vehicle’s performance potential with an ECU remap from Auto Jobbs then give our workshop a call on: 01227 637 941 or alternatively, Contact us here:


  • DPF and EGR solutions (off-road use only)
  • AdBlue solutions
  • Speed limiter removals
  • Popcorn/hardcut limiters (work best on vehicles that have had a cat delete)
  • OBD and bench capabilities of reading/writing ECU’s
  • Top of the range (continuously upgraded for optimum results) remapping equipment

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