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Auto Jobbs – Cambelts / Timing Chains Replacement Herne Bay

Do you know when your cambelt was last changed?

Auto Jobbs recommend that you change your cambelt every 4 years on vehicles registered before September 2009 or at your mileage limit. Leaving your cam belt too long could result in a hefty repair bill, so if you are unsure then please get in touch and ask us.

Auto Jobbs are a local, reliable and trusted vehicle garage situated near Herne Bay that will provide you with a quotation for the repair/replacement work.

Auto Jobbs has 37 years of combined experience when it comes to replacing cam belts and timing chains. Rest assured you will be provided with an honest and competitive quote for the estimated work.

If you would like us to replace your cambelt / timing chain, give our workshop a call (quoting your Reg) on: 01227 637 941 or alternatively, Contact us here:


  • Cambelts replaced on any make/model of vehicle
  • Timing chains replaced on any make/model of vehicle
  • Only quality parts used - ‘GATES’ cam belt kits
  • We replace full kits with all relevant idler pulleys and tensioners
  • We always replace the water pump when changing cambelts
  • Pickup and drop-off if necessary

Auto Jobbs - Vehicle Servicing & Repairs. Unit 18.3 Wealden Forest Park, Herne Common, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 7LQ

Cambelt & Timing Chain Replacement Herne Bay