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Auto Jobbs – Head Gasket Repair / Replacement Herne Bay

Are you looking for a local vehicle repair garage that can repair/replace your head gasket?

Auto Jobbs is located at the Wealden Forest Park, 18.3, Herne Bay on the road toward Sturry, Canterbury.

The head gasket is responsible for sealing pressure within a car engine as well as distributing oil and coolant. When the engine is running the gasket has to withstand very high temperatures. The engine has to be cooled continuously as it relies on combustion for power. This is the purpose of the head gasket.

If your head gasket completely goes it could potentially write your car off as it can cause considerable damage to the engine. It is therefore essential that you detect and resolve any problems before that happens. Even a slightly damaged gasket will cause your engine to overheat.

Auto Jobbs has 37 years of combined experience and has repaired/replaced numerous head gaskets across a wide range of makes and models.

If you would like us to assess the repair work required or replace your head gasket then give our workshop a call on: 01227 637 941 or alternatively, Contact us here:


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Head Gasket Replacement Herne Bay