Common Questions Regarding Engine Remapping Kent

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Engine Remapping Kent – Commonly Asked Questions

Can the remapping be reset to standard?

Auto Jobbs can Remap, ‘Tune’ or ‘Chip’ your vehicle’s engine for better performance and fuel economy. We mostly cover Kent including; Maidstone, Medway, Canterbury, Ashford, Whitstable, Herne Bay and Faversham.

Is re-mapping better or simply different from chipping?

There is a clear difference between these miss-treated terms. Remapping consists of reprogramming the exiting control module, Chipping is replacing the chip in the control module and Tuning is performing tweaks to improve all round performance across the engine. This may result in parts being upgraded or substituted for performance parts. Auto Jobbs have the expertise to help you achieve your specific goals for your vehicle.

Auto Jobbs can revert
 the information back to standard for you at any time. If within 14 days you decide to revert then we will perform this for you at no extra charge with a 50% refund . After 14 days we will revert to standard but you may not be due a refund.

Can you do my car?

Auto Jobbs can work with most European diesel and petrol models made since 1998.

Do I need to come to you?

No, Auto Jobbs will gladly come to you if you live around the Kent area. If you live outside this area then expenses will be charged.

How much will it cost?

Prices vary from engine to engine so we would encourage you to contact us on 01227 637941 or 07916 280 340

How will it affect my warranty?

There is no modification needed to any hardware for engine remapping and is both physically and diagnostically invisible to trace.

What about the longevity of my engine?

Modern engines if properly maintained last in excess of 300,000 miles; With an engine remapped you could lose between 3-5% so you are looking at 285,000 miles!

If the engine failed the likelihood is that it would have failed anyway. We are not removing any rev limiters etc so therefore if you push the engine beyond its limits it would have happened anyway. We therefore cannot the life span of components.

What BHP and Torque increase can I expect on my car?

For petrol and diesel engine we expect to gain 10% on both figures, so if you have an 83 BHP 1.2 engine the likely minimum gain is 8 BHP and 8 lb ft torque. For a turbo engine we expect bigger increases, namely 35 BHP on the 1.9JTD and a massive 60BHP plus on the 2.4JTD engines.

What do Auto Jobbs require and how long does it take?

Firstly we need your vehicle. We will test drive it before hand, with you if required, to perform some basic tests so we can ascertain if there are any issues that will affect our work. If your car has any issues that will negate the affects of the work and render it pointless we will tell you straight away and we will not charge you for the remapping, clearly stating why.

To complete the work takes about 1.5 hours from start to finish including the pre and post test drives.

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