Mobile Air Conditioning Kent

Mobile Air Conditioning Kent

Auto Jobbs will visit your vehicle onsite and there will usually be no additional charge if you live in Herne Bay, Whitstable, Canterbury, Faversham or Maidstone.

mobile air con regas recharge kent whitstable

Mobile Air Con Regas Recharge Whitstable Kent

Are you traveling around in a vehicle that is always far too hot due to your air-con only working at half capacity – or maybe not even at all. Many vehicles have air conditioning systems services in Kent; that when the gas pressure is too low the air-con compressor becomes completely switched off. Auto Jobbs will visit you at your home or work premises and carry out a full air-conditioning service which will include retrieval of any old exiting gas, PAG oil, 20 minute vacuum and a 5 minute leak test, insertion of new oil and leak detection dye and finally replenishment of new air-con gas.

Air Conditioning Servicing for Motors, Vans and other Vehicles Kent

Auto Jobbs is a mobile air conditioning technician that will visit you at home, garage or workshop. Typically we circulate day-to-day in the Whitstable, Maidstone, Herne Bay, Canterbury and Faversham area.

Auto Jobbs meet many motorists in Kent under the impression that vehicle air conditioning is only useful during the warmer months of the year. This is far from the truth as a reliable and economical fully functioning air conditioning system and repairs in the winter will help to reduce mist on your windshield as it continues to absorb moisture from inside the vehicle. In other words the system will act as a dehumidifier and keep your interior dry and fresh. In addition a functional air-con system when running will efficiently circulate the PAG oil and prevent the air conditioning seals from drying out, this will in turn prevent excessive leakage.

Re-gas or Top-up & Air-Con Re-charge services Kent

Re-gassing or ‘top-ups’ are proving to be very popular. It may be advisable to call Auto Jobbs onĀ 01227 637941 or 07916 280 340 or e-mail us at to book yourself in and we will carry out the work at our earliest opportunity. If you live in Faversham, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Canterbury or Maidstone we can get to you within 1-2 hours.


Mobile Air Con Servicing Repairs Kent

Auto Jobbs recommends that the process of re-gassing or re-charging your air conditioning system; motorists in Kent should consider this work every 18 months to ensure a healthy system for your climate control repair Kent. If you feel you have questions or unsure as to whether your vehicle’s air conditioning is performing at optimum capacity then contact us and we will arrange a visit to your home or workplace. Auto Jobbs is a reliable and friendly air conditioning mobile service in the East Kent region.

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