“I have a SRS light (an airbag light) permanently displayed on my dashboard, will my airbag work in the event of an accident?”

“The SRS light indicates that there is a fault with the airbag system that could be affecting any one of the airbags located in your vehicle, seatbelt pre-tensioners or even the airbag control unit. Therefore, the affected unit will not work. In more severe cases it may even cause the entire system to fail.”    (Auto Jobbs)

“I have an orange light permanently displayed on my dashboard that resembles an engine, what does this mean?”

“This orange light resembling an engine is an engine management light. The light indicates a fault within the engine management system. On occasion this light will display itself without there being an obvious engine running issue. In any event of this light displaying itself, even without there being an obvious engine running issue it is strongly advisable that this engine fault indicator is investigated by a fully qualified and experienced technician. This will ensure that the engine is running at optimum efficiency and performance which will ultimately prolong and maintain the health and life of the engine.”    (Auto Jobbs)

“Why should I have my vehicle serviced and how regularly should it be carried out?”

“Regular vehicle servicing will extend the life span of a vehicle. There are a number of reasons for this. However, the main reason is that regular vehicle servicing can decrease the chance of any hidden defects becoming catastrophic.

A small investment such as a vehicle service and or repair together with a professional inspection can result in; reduced expenditure in repairs over the life span of the vehicle, reduced risk of a breakdown, reduced likelihood of a vehicle spending time off the road, reduced risk of unforeseen expense, reduced risk of an accident and the potential for improved fuel economy.

Each individual vehicle has its own recommended time frame for servicing. This time frame is usually stated for ‘X’ number of miles or at ‘X’ months – depending on which comes first. For example, at 10,000 miles or at 12 months.”    (Auto Jobbs)

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