Engine Remapping Kent

Remapping your engine Kent for Performance or Efficiency

What is engine remapping?

Engine remapping Kent is the best solution when it comes to improving the performance and fuel economy of your vehicle. At Auto Jobbs we can remap both petrol and diesel engines at the most reasonable rates. The system of remapping used by Auto Jobbs does not require the cutting or soldering of any wires! This remapping system allows the serial reading and programming of  memory belonging to the engine control unit (ECU) which manages the vehicles’ engine.

What are the benefits of engine remapping?

Engine remapping in Kent or ‘chipping’ as it is more commonly known, improves the BHP of an engine. Remapping an engine control unit increases the power that an engine can deliver. Not only will it improve the performance of the engine, it will also improve the fuel efficiency due to the extra power. The power gain from an engine depends on the type of engine that is fitted to the vehicle, for example, a turbo diesel engine would be able to create more power than a turbo petrol engine.

If you are interested in having the engine remapped in your vehicle to improve performance and lower fuel costs, call Auto Jobbs on: 01227 637941 or 07916 280 340

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