Cam Belt Replacement

Did you know?

Making sure your cam belt is replaced at the correct time/mileage interval is vital to your vehicles maintenance as failure of the cam belt and/or its components such as the tensioners and idler pulleys will cause catastrophic damage to your vehicles engine.

The cam belt is the component that operates your cam shafts via the crank shaft, which in turn opens the valves in your engine at the exact correct time, thus enabling them to synchronise movements with the pistons and allowing fuel and air to enter the engines bore without the valves and pistons colliding. When a cam belt fails, the timing of the valves opening becomes instantly incorrect and causes the engines pistons to collide with the valves, thus bending the valves and possibly causing other engine damage.

Here at Auto Jobbs, we supply and fit O.E quality cam belt kits, which include all necessary components when replacing your vehicles cam belt, such as new tensioners and idler pulleys at a very competitive rate.

Call Auto Jobbs if you require cam belt interval information for your vehicle and for a free no obligation quotation on replacements.